Volumising Cream

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Styling cream to fuller coat effects - Great for out of coat situations

Styling cream for all types of coat - an innovative approach to making '3 hairs look like 3000'!

A real solution for out of coat situations, which doesn't leave a sticky residue or unwanted stiffness. Coat feels and looks natural.

Excellent for dogs where a fully grown coat look is essential e.g. Pomeranians, Pekingese, Siberians, Malamutes, Akitas, Samoyed, Collies, etc.

Cannot live without this styling volumising cream!

Instructions: Mix 1 tbspn to 1 cup warm water and saturate mix through a barely damp coat. Leave in – do not rinse. Blow dry up and against the growth of the coat. Use again on dog show day as a light spritz in a Plush Puppy 250 ml Spray Bottle and lightly blow dry or brush into shape.

The differences between Puffy Dog+, Quick Fix, Volumising Cream, Ruffy Tuffy and Stuk Up

Puffy Dog+ will give strong lift and hold helping the coat to look fuller and to give it shape to stand up or out.

Quick Fix Grooming Spray is a light conditioning & coat strengthening product that gives a light lift and hold.

Volumising Cream has practically no lift or hold but coats each hair to give the impression of more coat. Best for out of coat situations or just a fuller effect.

Ruffy Tuffy is a coat texturiser. It leaves a harsh feel to the coat with light hold.

Stuk Up gives super strong hold & finish.

An amazing product! I spent years with my dog's coat looking rather short and flat. After finding this wonderful company, and reading their articles, I realised where I needed to change a few things. This product has helped so much, and I've already noticed a huge difference! Even a few of our family and friends have complimented on how 'fluffy' and thick her coat looks recently.
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