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Ruffy Tuffy Coat Spray - Texturiser for harsh coated breeds

Different from all the rest! The best way to get a feeling for this product is to put it into your own hair. Simply spray it in and let it dry, then feel your hair. It will feel stronger, harder and coarser and that’s exactly what you want on those breeds that need to have a hard textured coat.

Breeds that this product definitely applies to are most Terriers, Labradors and a number of Gun Dogs. However, any breed that calls for a hard or firm textured coat will greatly benefit from Plush Puppy Ruffy Tuffy coat spray.

It' application is simple, just spray in and let it dry naturally or blow dry. It takes about 5-10 minutes to dry. Ruffy Tuffy is water soluble, and washes out easily. It will not cause build up or coat breakage. Ruffy Tuffy does not have a hold factor, it simply changes the feel of the texture of the coat.

Totally water soluble and as natural as we could make it.

Directions: Apply either to wet or dry coats. Dry naturally or blow dry. Keep repeating until desired textured is achieved. Can also be used to create a firmer texture after bathing.

The differences between Puffy Dog+, Quick Fix, Volumising Cream, Ruffy Tuffy and Stuk Up

Puffy Dog+ will give strong lift and hold helping the coat to look fuller and to give it shape to stand up or out.

Quick Fix Grooming Spray is a light conditioning & coat strengthening product that gives a light lift and hold.

Volumising Cream has practically no lift or hold but coats each hair to give the impression of more coat. Best for out of coat situations or just a fuller effect.

Ruffy Tuffy is a coat texturiser. It leaves a harsh feel to the coat with light hold.

Stuk Up gives super strong hold & finish.

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