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Puffy Dog+ is Firm Hold Coat Styling Mousse

New Puffy Dog+ in non-aerosol bottle adds strong hold and fullness.

Puffy Dog+ is fantastic for creating a full root lift on a Collie, Sheltie or Belgian ruff.

Wonderful for creating that Chrysanthemum shaped head on a Westie or Cairn Terrier.

Excellent for fluffing up pants on Siberians or Malamutes or fuller legs on a Schnauzer.

There are so many breeds that can take advantage of this wonderful styling mousse.

Made to Cheryl’s special formula.

Totally water soluble.

Directions: Apply Puffy Dog+ and blow dry or brush up and air dry as usual. There are so many breeds that can take advantage of this wonderful styling tool.

The differences between Puffy Dog+, Quick Fix, Volumising Cream, Ruffy Tuffy and Stuk Up

Puffy Dog+ will give strong lift and hold helping the coat to look fuller and to give it shape to stand up or out.

Quick Fix Grooming Spray is a light conditioning & coat strengthening product that gives a light lift and hold.

Volumising Cream has practically no lift or hold but coats each hair to give the impression of more coat. Best for out of coat situations or just a fuller effect.

Ruffy Tuffy is a coat texturiser. It leaves a harsh feel to the coat with light hold.

Stuk Up gives super strong hold & finish.

We have been using Plush Puppy grooming products since we got Jarvis and can honestly say they are the best grooming products I have seen for show dogs. I use the Puffy Dog+ and would recommend it to everyone.
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