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Odour Muncher - Instant perfumed deodoriser

Our perfumed odour eliminator for dogs is different form all the rest! This fabulous perfumed deodoriser literally munches the offending odours, while other coat deodorisers just mask.

Smells divine. Kills odours in an instant. You'll love this clean, fresh approach to dog hygiene.

Remember, this is not a dog perfume – this is an amazing deodoriser that just happens to smell great too.

Instructions: Apply Odor Muncher as part of your finishing preparation for the ring for a beautiful, clean, fresh smell.

Odour Muncher is a must if you keep dogs. In kennels or in the house it's just so nice to use it, as it smells so fresh! The offending smell is eaten up and it leaves you with a nice clean smell which is very pleasant indeed...
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