Anti-Static Coat Control

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Anti-Static Coat Control

Anti-Static Spray 250ml

ALL NEW Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control 250ml is a lightweight spray infused with organic properties to control static and flyaways on all coats, and brilliant on long flowing coats.

Anti-Static Coat Control is an amazing grooming tool that works as an anti-static for scissoring and finishing.

Lightweight formula, it will not go oily or cause hairs to stick together. Anti-Static Coat Control will not soften strong texture coats.

It also works as a heat protectant, protecting against UV and is ideal for maintaining and protecting all coats including long coats, feathering, ear fringes and tail.

Its organic formula properties include extracts of Witch Hazel Leaf, Linden Flower, Birch Bark and Nettle.

Suitable: Plush Puppy Anti-Static Coat Control is suitable for all coat types, especially long flowing coats.

How to use anti-static coat control spray

Spray light mist from 30cm on a dry coat, repeat if necessary.