Show Dog Conditioners

Plush Puppy conditioner products are all formulated from naturally sourced ingredients. They are all organic, environmentally friendly and have not been tested on laboratory animals. All products are road tested on our own dogs, friends' show dogs and other show volunteers. All our conditioners are extremely gentle and suitable for dogs with most skin problems. We recommend you apply conditioners directly to badly dehydrated areas or diluted 1 part to 10 parts water for regular use. Rinse thoroughly. Plush Puppy conditioners are of tremendously high quality, extremely high performance and cater for the discerning show person seeking a point of difference.


Coat Rescue is an intensive conditioning and revitalising treatment suitable for all coat types. It has been specifically formulated to help dry or damaged coats. Coat Rescue's naturally blended essential oils and pure plant extracts help restore strength and elasticity to dehydrated and tired coat hair.

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Recommended for all coats that require softening or treatment for dehydration, especially draping ones. This conditioner reduces static electricity. Suitable for dogs with most skin problems. A very intensive conditioner and is normally always diluted 1 to 10 unless the coat is in really bad shape.

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Plush Puppy Salon Formula Conditioner is a concentrated professional grooming Conditioner. It is extremely cost-effective and efficient making it perfect...
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A revolutionary innovative spray on 'leave in' or 'rinse out' coat conditioner specially formulated with a lower viscosity to be sprayed without compromising concentration or richness of ingredients.

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