About Plush Puppy UK Products

Plush Puppy show dog shampoos and conditioner products are all formulated from naturally sourced ingredients. They are all organic, environmentally friendly and have not been tested on laboratory animals. All products are road tested on our own dogs, friends' show dogs and other show volunteers.

All shampoos and conditioners are extremely gentle and suitable for dogs with most skin problems. We recommend you use all our show dog shampoos either undiluted to areas requiring intensive cleaning or brightening or dilute 1 part to 10 parts water for general cleansing. Our show dog conditioner to be applied directly to badly dehydrated areas or diluted 1 part to 10 parts water for regular use. Rinse thoroughly.

Plush Puppy shampoos are of tremendously high quality, extremely high performance and cater for the discerning show person seeking a point of difference.

All show dog shampoos and conditioner products come in 4 sizes except Natural Body Building and Az-Iz - Hydrobath & Bath Wash, which do not come in 250ml. Deep Cleansing and Itchy Skin only come in 500ml.

Plush Puppy Product Information

Plush Puppy uses only the best quality and always where possible, naturally sourced environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable sources.

Plush Puppy does not test on animals - only our own dogs and those of friends.

Plush Puppy uses all the newest technology with good old fashioned common sense and ethics.

Plush Puppy only uses ingredients that are readily removed from the coat with water and shampoo.

Plush Puppy includes new generation silicones into a couple of styling products only that are totally water and shampoo soluble. These are totally unlike the old "gum" based silicones of early days and do not build up on the coat. These new generation silicones are amazingly good & though expensive, when one wants perfection, then cost is irrelevant.

Plush Puppy only uses the best of everything for Plush Puppy products keeping abreast of all latest and performant ingredients for the best outcomes.

AFTER ALL - we would not use anything but the best on our own dogs, winning an incredible142 BIS with our current specials dog. These are the dogs we do test on - our own!

All products are delivered by Royal Mail to UK mainland only. Reviva Coat & Puffy Dog products (aerosols) will be sent by Business Post to the UK mainland. If needed, please see information on alternative ways to order products.