Pump up the Volume - Coat-Wise that is

If your dogs are like most, they seem to know just when a really important show is coming up and decide to blow coat and it comes out in handfuls!

So then you are faced with your previously glamorous Sheltie, your once magnificent Malamute or your severely ‘out of coat’ Samoyed. You’ve got the picture. Lots of breeds blow coat and it seems to take forever to get them back to show bloom despite every coat growing product known to man. What to do?

Well don’t wait for nature to take its course and instead resort to human intervention. There are ways and means to get that ‘out of coat look’ excuse for a coat to look fairly passable. Firstly, get rid of the old coat as quickly as possible. Strip it, wash it, blow it out - whatever! The best and easiest way is whilst you still have shampoo on the dog to brush and comb it. The extra drag caused will help loosen the coat and help get it out quicker. The same can be done with conditioner.

To help remedy the ‘out of coat’ look and make the very best of what you have is to bath the dog with a 1 part shampoo to only 3 parts water a solution of Plush Puppy Body Building Shampoo; the added natural ingredients including wheat germ are designed to maximise the diameter of each strand of coat to maximise each and every hair. Apply & allow the ingredients to work for a minute or two and rinse. The aim is to boof this coat up and bodify it WITHOUT making it stiff and unnatural.

Next step is NOT to use conditioner. Conditioner will flatten and lay down whatever coat is there. We want it standing up and looking at us! If you must have some moisturising product in the coat then use something that disentangles and moisturises yet doesn’t soften or flatten, such as Plush Puppy Reviva Coat. You put this through the coat to allow hydration yet not to soften. Apply either by hand or mix some in water use to the area and then rinse.

Now here is the true magic of the whole thing to maximize what we can. We want to dry this coat so it will make 3 hairs look like 3 thousand. Plush Puppy Volumising Cream and the Plush Puppy Volumising Spray. This is what makes the difference! Depending on the dog you have 2 options; Cream or Spray. We suggest for dogs that have very ‘out of coat’ areas to use Plush Puppy Volumising Cream. This used using 1 heaped tablespoon of cream to 500mls of warm water (this ratio can be increased accordingly for larger dogs). The key is to mix well, then apply all over the dog and sponged right into the coat. DO NOT RINSE!!! The coat will have a similar look to have forgotten to rinse conditioner out, don’t panic that’s the look you want.

Then I use a strong dryer (there are various cool air, forceful air type dryers around) and literally blast the coat to stand up on end. Blow the coat from the rear end, forwards to the head, against the growth of the hair. You will want to achieve as much root lift as possible as once the coat is dry and the dog has a good shake, it will settle down into its rightful place, but amazingly with a lot more oomph and volume. Due to the magic properties in this it may take a little lo nger to dry but the extra time is so worth the result.

Plush Puppy Volumising Spray is the other way to either target a specific area or just spray the entire dog. A good coverage spray then brush and comb in taking care to get right down to the roots. Then dry as described above. The beauty of the spray is you can just do a specific area such as the rough of a neck or use over the whole dog. This is also perfect at shows to refresh all the work you have previously done using either cream or spray, a light mist and brush back up. Please note this spray can be used on any breed and coat type where you require that extra coat look i.e. dogs hocks, ears - wherever!

Depending on the coat and the breed we have Plush Puppy Quick Fix Conditioner; that is loaded with milk fats that will not only aid you in brushing the coat to shape but again coat the hair lightly with an added slight hold factor. Excellent for some double coated breeds with added coat length i.e. Keeshonds, pekes etc. If you have a finer textured type of coat to work with, then just break the Plush Puppy Quick Fix Conditioner down to equal parts of water and product and spray on as you brush up. Don’t make it too wet. Best to use the Plush Puppy Ultimate Pin Brush.

I then go through the coat with a wide toothed comb; the Plush Puppy 10inch Comb is ideal. Work every hair through that comb ensuring every hair counts and combing it from skin to end.

Look at the silhouette of your dog. It may not have as much hair as it should but with judicious balancing of the dogs body weight leading up to the show - just stack a touch extra on him - he will most likely cut a rather nice figure. The judge will see he doesn’t have as much coat as he would perhaps like but if the shape and silhouette is there then you have a fighting chance when up till then you had none.

The last of the Plush Puppy “bag of tricks” is Plush Puppy Puffy Dog. This mousse has an excellent hold factor to make the coat appear much fuller and thicker. Apply a golf ball sized amount to an area, massage in and the dry, repeat to the needed areas. A great product for hocks, terrier legs or heads, cheeks or just areas when you need more.

We truly hope you get to win a few more awards than you might previously have done. Plush Puppy is proud to offer solutions to coat preparation issues. Our range is extensive using the latest of technologies and providing answers to every problem.

After all, what would our weekends be without going to a dog show?