Plush Puppy Grooming Advice

Most of our products are self explanatory, just follow directions on the label. However, if needed, ask for further advice, as At Plush Puppy UK, we are always willing to answer your questions and offer solutions to any difficulties you might have with pet's coat.

If you have a query about how to obtain the best results using our products, simply contact us via the form on the contact page. We will get back to you you as soon as possible to discuss the way we feel Plush Puppy products can assist you with your show dog's coat and presentation.

The secret to any styling product, is always to look and appear as natural as possible. Always bear in mind, that wherever possible, aspire to even dispersion throughout any coat to maximise the outcome.

General and Breed specific grooming articles

In addition, you can check out Plush Puppy's grooming advice knowledge database for general or breed specific grooming articles.

General grooming articles

Breed specific grooming articles

General grooming articles Breed specific grooming articles