Plush Puppy Soft Slicker Mini Brush

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Soft Slicker Mini Brush

Introducing the all-new Soft Slicker Mini Plush Brush… It is designed to perform the same as a regular Slicker, but take you places a regular Slicker can't!

The Soft Slicker Mini will untangle matted hair, remove dirt and abolish loose hair in hard-to-reach areas, leaving a perfectly smooth finish to the coat.

It is ergonomically designed by our Plush Puppy show grooming team to lessen strain on the groomer's hands. The Soft Slicker Mini comprises a flexible rubber air-cushion base embedded with a perfectly balanced set of 12mm stainless steel pins, which penetrate through the coat without excessive pulling on the hair or scratching the skin. We have tried to ensure that Soft Slicker Mini provides a gentler, more comfortable brushing experience for you and your dog.

Suitable for smaller dogs and cats. In addition, this mini brush is great to use for hard-to-reach areas on all breeds. Exclusive to Plush Puppy.

Little things make BIG things happen!

Soft Slicker Mini Dimensions:
Brush head - 90mm x 55mm.
Brush Handle - 110mm x 24mm.
Brush weight - 75 grams.

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