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Quick Fix - Leave in no rinse coat hydrating conditioner

An exciting quick, spray solution to all dehydrated coat emergencies such as tangles, split ends or matted coats where a light hold factor is required.

The brilliant formula of this light hold conditioning spray adds lubrication to coats that may not be suitable for bathing or where protection from the elements is needed to prevent dehydration of the coat. Suitable for all breeds.

Recommended for brushing up Shelties, Collies, Old English, Belgians etc. Use on double coats that are not fully back in coat to lift and fluff up on show day.
Good for defusing nasty swirls in the flanks due to lack of coat and to puff up pants.

Use as a grooming spray for coats that need lift and volume – does not leave a hard product feel to the coat.

Quick Fix Grooming Spray Conditioner's innovative formula is packed with

  • milk fat products
  • soya protein
  • Panthenol

Instructions: Use sparingly to required areas. Comb to disentangle or to shape / lubricate while wet OR brush when dry. Allow approximately two minutes to dry when sprayed onto a dry coat or just blow dry back up. Can be diluted for fine coats. Do not rinse. Leave in.

The differences between Puffy Dog+, Quick Fix, Volumising Cream, Ruffy Tuffy and Stuk Up

Puffy Dog+ will give strong lift and hold helping the coat to look fuller and to give it shape to stand up or out.

Quick Fix Grooming Spray is a light conditioning & coat strengthening product that gives a light lift and hold.

Volumising Cream has practically no lift or hold but coats each hair to give the impression of more coat. Best for out of coat situations or just a fuller effect.

Ruffy Tuffy is a coat texturiser. It leaves a harsh feel to the coat with light hold.

Stuk Up gives super strong hold & finish.

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