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O.M.G - Multi purpose ready to use grooming spray

A revolutionary grooming spray combining all the aspects of latest technology with old fashioned common sense - it works!

  • Repels dirt.
  • Completely water soluble.
  • Will not build up.
  • Effortless disentangler.
  • Removes hair spray.

If you wonder why we called it O.M.G, you will surely understand when you use it. A miracle in a bottle!

Directions: This ready to use grooming spray can be applied directly to coat - no need for further dilution. This strength is suitable for most needs. Can be slightly diluted further to suit individual needs. e.g. add 10% water.

Use on wet or dry coat prior to brushing or untangling.

Have used this product for grooming my Sheltie since it came to this country, Fantastic
O.M.G is amazing ....Love it !
A fantastic product! My favourite spray for brushing. Highly recommend it! Doesn't leave the coat feeling/looking greasy either.
Tried pretty much everything on my castrated male BSD to get his trousers and tail looking something other than 'Brillo Pad' to no avail. But I gave this a go and literally said OMG out loud. I could get a slicker through his tail in one sweep which had previously been impossible, trousers took a bit more work, but he has a big coat and this made it so much easier, and doesn't leave any nasty residue.
Highly recommend
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