Showreviver Flower Essence Drops

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We know you will be delighted with these fabulous new natural flower drops

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Showreviver flower essence drops for the dog that is flat or won't animate

Great for the dog that is shown a lot, is bored, or lacks sparkle in the ring. Can also be due to travel, weather or plain tired at the end of a long day.

Show dogs displaying the following symptoms may be assisted through the use of these drops - nervous exhaustion, indecisive, apathetic, feeling burned out and disinterested. These drops may assist in reviving the show spirit with typical results including the return of vitality, keenness to please and increased alertness.

Derived from: Natural flower essences blended and preserved in alcohol.

How to apply: Flower Essence Showreviver Drops get the best results when administered half a file the evening before the show. Dose again the morning of the show and half hour prior to going in the ring. Good results can still sometimes be seen with a single dosage.

Safe to use and dosage is much the same with all breeds.

Formulated to overcome negative and undesired behaviour

Flower Essence Drops are a wonderful and natural way to get the most out of your show dog. Just like people, dogs have days when they are not as focused as you would like them to be and for various reasons don't put in their best performance.

Derived from Natural plant extracts, these Flower Essence Drops have been especially formulated for Plush Puppy to address specific situations. They are high quality, in considerably concentration and appear to get good results with most show dogs. Flower Essence Drops cannot rectify severe psychological problems with dogs but certainly can help most dogs most of the time.

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