AZ IZ - Hydrobath & Bath Wash

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AZ IZ - Hydrobath & Bath Wash

The light alternative to heavy duty shampooing especially when the dog is bathed weekly and is not gathering significant dirt to coat. Coats can be detrimentally affected by constant bathing and not allowing the natural oils to penetrate through the lengths of coat. The consequence is accelerated fading of coats and brittle ends. Coats should be administered to as if caring for human long hair - treat it gently.

AZ IZ Hydrobath & Bath Wash is a low foaming light shampoo designed to loosen dirt and cut surface tension on the coat. Will remove odours and light dirt - ideal for a quick and easy "once over and rinse off" routine. Use regular shampoo where heavier duty cleansing is required e.g. feet, legs, face and underbelly.

AZ IZ contains Citronella to deter fleas and Violet Tones to offset unwanted coat yellowing.

Instructions: We recommend a dessert spoonful or equivalent into the wash water tank of hydrobath or tablespoonful or equivalent if using a shallow amount of water in a bathtub. Wet coat thoroughly and either massage or squish coat according to the breed requirements. Rinse well.

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